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You'll find the best UK prices for a panda hat or beanie here - a snug and fashionable style of hat that's great for keeping warm in the winter.

Panda hats are all the rage and we've tracked down the best deals for women, men and kids from UK stores including Blue Inc, Outdoor Gear, Attitude Clothing, Quiz, CX London Boutique, Chicks Rule, Select Fashion, Attitude Clothing, Amazon, Ebay.

We also have plenty of panda hat combination sets with gloves or a scarf with fitted mitten pockets.

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Fashionable panda hats offer style and warmth during the cold weather

We have the best prices around for panda hats, a trendy hat that keeps your head warm but makes you look really cool during the chilly winter months!

Panda hats and beanies have become really popular and are available in several styles and materials.

The panda hat is one of the most popular types of animal hat with children, men and women - but other animal favourites include the knitted frog hat, tiger hat, donkey hat, poodle dog, rabbit hat, polar bear and koala bear hat.

Many panda hats consist of a standalone black and white hat with ear flaps while others are combination hats comprising the main hat and an attached scarf, complete with pom poms and a woollen glove-like hand pocket at each end.

A fluffy knitted or crocheted panda hat is guaranteed to keep you warm on a cold autumn or winter's day or night and if you want to keep you whole face warm you can buy a panda balaclava!

If you just want some sort of panda headgear for a fancy dress party we also feature the popular panda mask.

The panda hat seems to be on show everywhere these days - many television and movie celebrities wear them and children and mums returning from a holiday in China, the land of the panda, often arrive back in the UK wearing a panda hat.

A cheap fleece or wool panda hat will cost around £5 but you can expect to pay more for a top quality one which includes other attached features like a scarf with pockets.

A woolly knitted panda hat can be worn as a fashion statement but it's also a super form of headgear just for keeping warm. There’s no better wear to keep your head and ears nice and cozy when you are outside on a cold day - a panda hat is great for going to the shop, talking a winter stroll in the countryside or taking part in other outdoor activities like skiing, climbing, running, camping, sailing or hiking.

Everyone knows that if you can keep your head and ears warm there's a good chance you'll feel generally much warmer - and a woolly panda hat certainly keeps your head warm on wet or windy days.

Most panda hats are in the traditional colours of black and white, but there are other colours available to buy including ivory, pink, grey, brown and blue.

Panda hats are available in various sizes so there's sure to be one to suit ladies, men, teenagers, boys, girls and even babies.

We feature some really appealing fleece-lined panda hats and some plush beanie panda hats. We bring them to your from leading UK clothing and fashion stores including Attitude Clothing, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Amazon and Select Fashion.

The panda is adored by many people in the UK and Chi Chi, the giant panda, became famous when she was based in London Zoo during the Sixties. There’s a new wave of interest in the panda in the UK with the arrival of Tian Tian and Yang Guang at Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland in 2011. They are on loan from China for 10 years and the zoo is hoping they will eventually breed.

The huge success of the animated Kung Fu Panda movies has also sparked a wave of interest from young boys and girls in panda hats for kids.

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